Our Refund Warranty Program

At Poma Fertility, our all-inclusive self-pay price for IVF is only $9,200, thousands less than the national average. As great as our price and amazing success rates are, it is our Refund Warranty Program that truly makes us the best value in the Seattle area.

Because many women will need more than one IVF cycle to get pregnant, Poma Fertility also offers a Refund Warranty Program designed to help patients continue their treatment if they do not have a baby at first. This program gives patients extra attempts at getting pregnant but at a substantially discounted rate.

The Refund Warranty Program is an ideal option for patients without insurance because:

  • Many patients need more than one IVF cycle to have a baby
  • Additional IVF cycles are billed at a substantially discounted rate
  • Patients only have to pay for the IVF cycles they actually need
  • If a baby is not delivered, patients get a substantial refund

Like our price for IVF, our Refund Warranty program costs thousands less than similar programs offered by most other clinics. It’s simple, if for some reason you don’t take home a baby, we refund you thousands.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The Poma Fertility Refund Warranty Program offers up to 90% of your money back if you don’t have a baby. Compare that with other infertility centers that only offer up to a 70% refund.

If you successfully have a baby after your first try, Poma Fertility saves you as much as $10,000 over some refund programs, and if you’re successful with a second cycle you could save as much as $4400 over some treatment programs.

Other Seattle area fertility clinic refund programs consider a pregnancy lost after 12 weeks to still be a “success” and therefore patients are not eligible for a refund. At Poma Fertility success means a “take-home” baby. Anything less is unacceptable.

How does the Poma Fertility Refund Warranty Program compare with Seattle Reproductive Medicine’s Attain Fertility Program?

  • Poma Fertility’s Refund Warranty Program allows you to purchase on the only the number of IVF cycles you need.
  • Some fertility programs require you to pay a hefty program fee of $24,000, and require you to purchase three IVF cycles whether you use them or not.
  • The Poma Fertility Refund Warranty Program includes blastocyst culture, the assisted hatchling procedure, ICSI or even embryo freezing. Many infertility programs up charge for each of these often vital services.
  • Poma Fertility’s Refund Warranty Program also offers unlimited frozen transfers.

We encourage you to do the research for yourself. Call other infertility treatment centers and compare the numbers for yourself. See how our Refund Warranty Program stacks up to other similar program in the area. Our program is superior hands-down, every time and can save you thousands. If you’re shopping for the right IVF program, we encourage you to do your homework.